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How it works

how it works
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how it works
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We carry most generic and brand name medication. If you’re not sure, our medical team can recommend one for you.
how it works
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I was a little nervous about trying this out since they are new and don't have a lot of reviews but I was very happy with the service. Very fast shipping and the help team was responsive and answered my questions. Amazing
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Really nice and helpful
Received my prescription super quickly. The medical staff were really nice and helpful and provided me with the type of medication that I wanted, so nothing but good things to say.
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Love the service!
I was happily surprised to see that this service exists in Canada. It was very simple to use, shipping was fast, and you have a chance to connect with a health care provider if you have any questions. Love the service!
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Weight Loss treatment options
Lose weight with a weekly injection
Helps manage weight by reducing blood sugar, regulating insulin, and decreasing hunger and cravings.
Injection pen
Weekly Injection
Lose weight with a daily pill
Helps manage weight by decreasing appetite.
Standard Pill
Daily Pill
Standard Pill
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How much does it cost?

We charge an initial program fee of $99. This covers:

  • Your initial consultation with a Livewell-affiliated medical practitioner.

You will be charged this initial fee only if and when you are approved to join the program.

You will have periodic follow-up visits with your medical practitioner to monitor your progress and make any adjustments to your treatment to make sure it is working for you. These follow-up visits cost $99 each. Once you achieve a steady-state, your visit schedule will change based on your healthcare practitioner’s guidance.

Medication costs for the program are separate and will vary depending on the medication prescribed and your private insurance coverage. Without insurance, the cost is $300 per injection pen. If you have insurance coverage, Livewell will submit the medication insurance claim directly on your behalf.

Who is eligible?

Canadians living with obesity – a BMI over 27 + a co-morbidity OR a BMI over 30.

What types of treatment does Livewell offer?

Livewell offers several types of treatment as prescribed by a licensed Canadian healthcare practitioner. These treatments are used for long-term weight management.

Our program includes clinically-approved weight management medications, educational resources, and the support you need.

We work with you to ensure you’re getting the appropriate treatment based on your goals, health, lifestyle, and any other factors that may impact your body size.

What makes this program different?

Many weight loss programs only address one aspect: diet, exercise, or medication. Our program recognizes that biological factors have a significant impact on how people gain, lose, or maintain weight. Things like genetics, hormones, and metabolic rate play a key role that diet and exercise alone can’t always overcome.

By combining prescription medication, support and resources to make sustainable lifestyle changes, and access to experts, our custom program meets you where you are so you’re never alone while you work towards your goals.

Is this treatment covered by insurance?

Patients with private drug plans may be eligible for coverage, depending on the insurance provider and specific plan. More than 50% of our patients have their first prescription partially or fully covered by their insurance. Contact your insurance provider for more information regarding your coverage.

We recommend that you upload your private and/or provincial benefit card during your online visit so that our pharmacy partner can apply any coverage you are eligible for, before shipping your treatment.

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